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Who are we?

Tracking UK is a specialist tracking retailer based in Sussex. We supply Thatcham Approved GPS Tracking Devices with nationwide fitting and installation. All of our trackers are equipped with cutting edge GPS and GSM technology and 24/7 vehicle monitoring. In the event of theft, we believe you should be prepared and with a GPS security system, you will be. Up to 90% of vehicles equipped with one of our GPS tracking systems are recovered undamaged..

TrackingUK offers expert customer service, available through our 24/7 live-chat, E-mail or telephone and with our Price match guarantee, we are certain we have the best deals for you.

About Us
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What Our Clients Saytestimonial quotes

  • testimonial_0I totally rely on my bike to get me to and from work six days a week. After seven months hassle free parking I got lazy and didn’t put the lock on but knew I had Datatool TrakKING fitted. One day, I got the text saying my bike was moving – I had my phone on silent so was a few minutes late getting outside by which time I saw them riding off down the road on my bike. I called the police, then logged into my TrakKING account on my phone and phoned the emergency theft line. Within five minutes the details of the exact whereabouts of my bike was not only staggering but a gigantic relief that my pride and joy was traceable. Within one hour I had my bike back in my hands. Incredible! Something you invest money in actually works. It is worth every penny, your belongings really belong to you and no-one else with TrakKING fitted. Could not recommend it more

    Tom Chambers – (Actor)
  • testimonial_7Thanks for your email and the excellent service.
    Given the situation it really could not have been better.
    Once I spoke with your team who had been trying to reach me all night, the contact to the police was swift and the police response was fast and excellent.
    I recovered the vehicle and it is now at BMW being inspected for damage.
    Thanks again.

    Richard McKerrow
    Creative Director and Founder
    Love Film Productions
  • testimonial_GTS300SuperUsually I always lock my bike but I was just popping in to see a friend for 10 minutes and didn’t bother! By the time I came back out onto the street the bike had gone! A passer-by said he’d just seen 2 hooded guys using a screwdriver to barrel the lock and drive it away. To make matters worse, I’d left my mobile phone at home so had no way of contacting Datatrakking. By the time I got home in a taxi, 20 minutes had elapsed. Datatrakking immediately contacted the police as to the bike’s location. It had been parked in a street about 2 miles away and covered with a bike cover. The police dispatched a unit and called me. Once forensics had finished their work at the crime scene, I was allowed to drive the bike off. The bike was stolen at 3.10 pm and secured at 3.50pm! Datatrakking really is an amazing way to have peace of mind when you leave your bike unattended and the customer service and back-up they provide with text SMS ’s etc is incredible. I wholeheartedly recommend it as a necessity these days when the threat of theft is ever-present.

    Andy / Greater Lonon
  • testimonial_walkeratvMy two ATV’s were stolen in the early hours last week. The first I knew of anything being wrong was your phone call. Once I’d passed the crime reference number to you it really was no time at all before I received the good news that both vehicles had been found – in a remote forest! Soon after that they were both recovered back to me. I have been absolutely delighted with the speed and service of both your product and team. I simply cannot thank you enough.

    Mr. Walker / Scotland
  • testimonial_inmotoI would just like to thank Datatool Trakking for a great job in finding and recovering my customer’s motorcycle so quickly and in the early hours. Even in the back of a van in London, Datatool were able to guide the police to the stolen bike and return it to our very happy customer – the bike was even undamaged.

    Great result guys, please keep up the good work as I’ve now got another customer for life!

    C. Ingignoli, In Moto Ltd / London
  • testimonial_MackensieI have had other tracking products before but I can honestly say Datatool were first class they called me before I even knew my bike was missing and dealt with the whole theft speaking directly with the police, it’s a fantastic system and the best purchase for my bike this year, I’m so glad to have it back well done Datatool!

    Stuart Mackenzie / London
  • testimonial_cwhite

    Worked 100% when my bike was stolen. I was contacted almost immediately and the bike was tracked in less than an hour by the police with the help of Datatool. After losing a bike and not having this service, I find it invaluable and will always use this service.

    Mr C White Kent
  • testimonial_SterlandThanks to the quick thinking of the team at Scorpion my bike was recovered and the thief is now behind bars. I cannot thank you enough for what you did that night and am forever in your debt.

    Mr R Sterland / Northamptonshire
  • testimonial_7Having had other tracking devices fitted on previous bikes, the TrakKING system is, I believe the standard bearer for all tracking systems. I was notified by Datatool immediately and the Datatool control staff dealt with every aspect of the recovery. They spoke to the police, told them the location of the bike and kept me informed of the progress. The bike was then found in the back of a stolen transit. Datatool staff had done their job superbly! I would highly recommend Datatool TrakKING to anyone who loves their vehicle.

    Phil Cole

Our best selling GPS trackers

CAT 6 - GPS Tracking


+ subscription Cat 6 - Car tracking, GPS Car tracking, product
  • 24Hr Monitoring
  • Smartphone Application
  • Unauthorised movement alert
  • Tamper detection
  • Remote Immobilisation
  • 2 driver recognition cards
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Datatool GPS Tracking


+ subscription Bike, Tracking, GPS, Product, Bike tracking
  • 24Hr Monitoring
  • Smartphone Application
  • Unauthorised movement alert
  • Tamper detection
  • Remote Immobilisation
  • 2 driver recognition cards
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Plant GPS Tracking


+ subscription Plant, Track, Car tracking, Product
  • 24Hr Monitoring
  • Smartphone Application
  • Unauthorised movement alert
  • Tamper detection
  • Remote Immobilisation
  • 2 driver recognition cards
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