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4 Practices To Help Keep Your Vehicle Safe

We might use it for business. Getting the kids to school. Doing your weekly shopping or going for a nice day out. Whatever our vehicles are used for, be it a car, bike or campervan they have special meaning to us that we sometimes take for granted. That is why we value safe practices

Sometimes we’re in a hurry, we might be trying to remember several things at once or thinking about our plans for the day. products_keyguardIn that moment of absent mindedness, we sometimes forget those simple, but important tasks of locking up and securing our things. Sometimes we can’t be sure whether we did lock up or not. Imagine the worry you might feel seated in a 2-hour meeting not knowing if your bike is safe, or returning to a car park to find the car has gone.

We try our best to stay safe, but we are only human. However, you can make a few choices that will help keep your vehicle safer.

  1. Choose the right parking spot

We often look for shady spaces in hot weather, or the nearest spot to our destination. Make safety a priority. If there is a place you routinely visit, have a look around the area. Are there any spaces well covered by CCTV? Can you see your vehicle from your office window? How long will you be away? If the vehicle is in a busy area, it is a good idea to keep it well in view. Ss this will deter would-be thieves from taking a shot at stealing it.

  1. Good safe habits

Don’t store valuables in your vehicle, and to help with this get into the habit of carrying only what you need on your journey. Leaving valuables in view is particularly dangerous, but even in a car boot, once they’re gone, they’re gone. Do a regular check to make sure you have not picked up any bad habits. Getting into the habit of checking can make it easier to do without thinking or having to remember. The same applies to locking up, and keeping your keys with you when you leave.

  1. Boldly secure

Go loud with your security measures. Jazz up your bike lock, steering wheel and key rings by choosing bright colours and large devices. This will act as a reminder to lock up because bright colours are hard to miss. But also, it will be a bold warning to opportunists that this vehicle is not to be messed with!

  1. Back it up with tracking

If your vehicle is stolen, it may never be recovered. But these days we can take advantage of technologies like GPS to keep track of our valuables at any place and time. Have a good quality tracking device installed on your vehicle in a discrete, hidden spot and your vehicle could be found without thieves even knowing the police are onto them. Recent Home Office statistics suggest you are 10 times more likely to recover your vehicle if it has a security device such as car tracker. You can subscribe to a specialised tracking company that has experience in tracking suspicious activity from vehicles to make sure a possible theft is detected as quickly as possible.

Exercising all of these practices will help you reduce the chances of being a victim of crime. Whilst also allowing you to feel more confident in your safety. But no good practice is ever a subsitute for an effective security system!

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