Plant theft costs construction industry £800,000,000 annually

Plant theft is described by Suffolk police as the unlawful access or removal of equipment associated with or used for construction work.  A recent article published by Insurance company Cornhill discovered that in 2016 over £70,000,000 worth of equipment and vehicles were stolen from construction sites in the UK. This includes thefts of vehicles such as vans as well as construction mmachinerieslike cranes or diggers. This startling number becomes even more worrisome when you realize that this number grows to over £800,000,000 when you factor in the cost of replacement, loss of business and increases in insurance cost.

The need for vehicle security is often only associated with personal cars. The sheer scale of theft occurring in construction sites if often underappreciated or ignored. This, combined with the fact that builders must often work to a tight deadline has created an atmosphere of laxness in regards to vehicle security. Plant equipment is a far more attractive target than regular vehicles, they are often worth far larger sums of money and more importantly, the rate of recovery for these types of vehicles is recorded as low as %10.

Construction equipment, especially older models, is rarely fitted with a comprehensive security solution, many times only having a standard alarm to prevent theft.  alarms are unable to provide effective theft protection. Simply due to the fact that they are often ignored. This effect is amplified if the alarm is set off in an often locked and secluded construction site. As a result of this seclusion, thieves are able to target and work on a vehicle without detection. Disabling any alarm systems that might be installed. Much like we have seen in the theft of consumer vehicles thieves have begun employing increasingly sophisticated methods to steal vehicles. Ranging from signal manipulation to posing as a worker. This is another reason alarms often fail to effectively prevent theft. If someone has the keys to hand, they will enter and access the vehicle without any means of prevention. The vehicle will be lost and unlikely to be returned.

GPS Trackers are incredibly effective at the prevention of this kind of theft as they are able to precisely relay information regarding the exact current location of the vehicle, its current speed and ignition status. In the event of a theft, even if the criminal has the keys, it is possible to track, locate and return it to its rightful owner.

The PTAG was set up by the Home Office in 2000, its function was to reduce the number of thefts occurring on construction sites across the UK. The deduced that the massive number of thefts occurring was a result of poor documentation and lack of security. The poor documentation meant that often even if the vehicle was recovered, it was difficult if not impossible to prove who owned it. The security, as mentioned earlier, means it was incredibly easy to steal vehicles.

The solution is incredibly simple. GPS Tracking systems such as the ones provided by ScorpionAuto are the most effective way to prevent theft. They have a massive range of features specifically designed to spot and then alert if it detects any signs of theft. ScorpionAuto offers an industry-leading tracking solution.