A comparative dissection of traditional alarms verses GPS tracking technology

Car GPS Tracking – What’s the big deal?

We like to blog at TrackingUK. Admittedly a bit too much, where it is about vehicle GPS tracking or environmental change. It doesn’t matter.  However, we’ve yet to really delve into just why we are so passionate about GPS Trackers. The reality of traditional car alarms systems in that they are antiquated. Unable to sufficiently prevent potential intrusions or theft. In this blog, I want to discuss why they are prima facie redundant.

To start I think it’s worth breaking down what exactly constitutes a vehicle theft. We know that in the most literal sense a theft entails the dishonest appropriation of property belonging to another with the intention to permanently deprive. As per the 1968 Theft Act. The actual practical components of a theft extend beyond this legislative definition. We have attempted to break down vehicle theft into 4 different instances.

  • Instance 1

    The most primary of stages in a conventional theft involves the initial scouting of the target vehicle. This is extremely difficult to provide protection against. Whilst good practices such as purchasing bright and visible and effective steering wheel locks, and good tracking practices will certainly help. This very much is a luck of the draw situation

  • Instance 2

    This is the most pivotal instance in the theft. This involves the actual entry of the vehicle, the breaking of the window or stealing of a key. This is where traditional alarm systems provide their protection. Emitting a loud noise in the event that they detect unlawful entry. This is meant to act as a deterrent or a potential alert. Unfortunately, they have become a victim of their own success. The constant whir of misfiring alarms has become almost a cliche’ in any metropolitan area. The proverb of a boy who cried wolf has never been so applicable here. Our trackers have motion detection and ignition recognition built in. Meaning you would be hard-pressed to even enter a vehicle without being under the watchful eye of our 24/7 monitoring team! it follows that vehicle GPS tracking is just that comprehensive.

  • Instance 3

    This is the point where the car is in the most danger. This is the phase in which the car is being transported. Either for a ‘joy-ride’ or for the purpose of moving it to a secure location so it can be scrapped or sold. Most car alarms are set to time-out after a certain amount of time, so as to not annoy neighbors if it is accidentally triggered. With this in mind, it quickly becomes obvious how much these alarm systems are unable to prevent real theft. On top of this, they can be tampered with or cut completely. A car being entered skillfully can be done without raising alarm – even with an alarm blaring.

    This is where car tracking becomes far more useful. Our trackers are able to precisely locate the vehicle, mid-travel. This provides the benefit of allowing for real-time protection. With this, a local police force can be directed as to the location of the vehicle and respond instantaneously.

    Consequently, this provides an incredible benefit to car safety. Furthermore, our systems are equipped with immobilizing technology meaning we can terminate the ignition, protecting against “Park and pinch” thefts

  • Instance 4

    This is the final and often most destructive instance. This is where the vehicle is either stored or destroyed. Often cars that are stolen are often hidden in a secure location before being broken down into scraps. This yields a far either monetary return for the vehicle. They are also often stored before being transported to different countries for sale. This where there the G in vehicle GPS tracking becomes so useful. It stands for ‘Global’ meaning no matter where your vehicle is taken. We have you covered This is where a car alarm is rendered completely and totally moot. It becomes irrelevant if a car alarm is blaring if the vehicle is stored somewhere it cannot be heard. There is simply no protection a car alarm can provide against this instance of theft. The most common and damaging instance at that. Our trackers, however, once again have both considered and engineering against this possibility. Our trackers operate using both GPS and GSM technology, triangulating position based on recent acknowledgment from nearby telephone masts. They are also equipped with backup batteries and last known location technology which therefore allows police to examine the last point in which the tracker transmitted location.

So in conclusion – Why Vehicle GPS Tracking
Put simply, a GPS tracker can provide a far more comprehensive security solution. Extending the remit of its functionality post facto and responding in real time. In an intelligent and calculated manner to activity. Therefore, there are able to provide relevant support. It is a question of specialized against broad. Whilst a car alarm is a good tool to use on mass, to install in millions of vehicles. It does not hold up as a security feature in a specific sense. Vehicle theft is always specific. A vehicle is targeted individually. Think of it this way.