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Large-fleet providers have been using GPS monitoring devices to get real-time location information on the vehicles for a long time, and today the technology is trickling right down to small-business applications and consumers. A mobile interconnection and smartphone connect to existing equipment on your individual vehicle to carefully turn it into a corporation car in simple.

The simplest models plug in to the OBD-II (on-board diagnostics) slot, which includes been necessary on every traveler vehicle bought from the U.S. since 1996. The slot is easily seen of all vehicles (usually under the driver’s dash), and is employed by mechanics to learn trouble codes directed by the electronic digital control unit–the brains of the automobile. Once connected in, the GPS traffic monitoring unit draws ability from the car’s electrical power system and delivers its information via existing cellular phone networks to the house company’s servers. The info is then routed to the users via the net or via an application over a mobile device.


GPS Monitoring

Like lots of the robust, custom-made telematics systems utilized by famous brands UPS, this software monitors vehicle location, real-time movements and drivers performance and delivers out mechanised and service notifications.

“GPS monitoring can help a tiny business essentially just as it helps a major business,” says Bob Fiesthumel, sales and marketing supervisor of the web-based GPS iphone app Track Your Pickup truck. “A person can call to create something at a particular time or within an emergency situation, and you could go through the traffic monitoring and know wherever your pick up truck is. You send the client a words and course your drivers where you will need those to go. It generally does not even subject whether your person answers his cellphone.”

Drivers may well not love the sensation of experiencing a GPS tracker overlooking their shoulder blades, but used judiciously, the systems could work to the benefit for owners and customers equally. “Once your employees know that their vehicle has been monitored,” Fiesthumel says, “inefficiency and misuse are taken away.”

GPS Monitoring

Upgrade your trip to business course with this picks for GPS traffic monitoring applications that connect into the vehicle’s on-board diagnostics port.

Keep track of Your Truck

$159 to $199

for device
  • $20 to $22 monthly
  • Advantages: Simple, intuitive procedure; customizable notifications available
  • Disadvantages: Pricey to start out; additional features drive the price up even more

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Audiovox Car Connection


for decive
  • $9.95 monthly
  • Advantages: Affordable; geofencing; activity notifications; maintenance alerts
  • Disadvantages: Software suitable for consumers, not for business fleets–can’t monitor multiple vehicles simultaneously

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