How does it work?

ScorpionTrack actively protects your vehicle against illegal movement using the latest GPS Geofence technology and our highly accurate ScorpionTrack trackers hidden inside your vehicle

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How ScorpionTrack prevents theft

Suspicious activity is detected and the tracker enters alert mode.

Expert security operatives monitor the activity and contact the customer

These operatives are able to view the exact current location and status of the vehicle

This information is passed to relevant authorities

Your vehicle is returned and the theft is prevented

GPS-GEO-Fence Technology




If illegal or suspicious movement is detected, ScorpionTrack alerts our international control centre of a possible theft. Fully trained 24 hour ScorpionTrack monitoring staff contact you, or your emergency contact to alert you to vehicle movement. If at risk of theft, the vehicle is treated as ‘in alarm’ and our rapid response gives you the best opportunity ensure the safety of your vehicle or report a theft. ScorpionTrack will continue to track any alarmed vehicle until recovery or false alarm has been confirmed. If a theft occurs, you will get a crime incident number from the police. Pass this on to our helpful ScorpionTrack emergency operatives who liaise with the police to help recover your vehicle. For more information on our product visit our home page, full of information about car tracking

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GPS – Global Positioning System uses satellites that give positioning, direction and speed of the vehicle. The same infrastructure as used to support Sat Nav devices.

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Global System Mobile Communications works across the globe to support mobile communication devices and mobile phone networks. This is used to communicate the GPS details back to the ScorpionTrack 24 hour Control centre.

How does GPS work?

GPS (Global Positioning System) works by transmitting signals to a GPS receiver located on one of 33 orbiting satellites. These satellites passively collect transmissions from our devices.  From this transmission the GPS can determine the relative location of the device on the planet.

The number satellites is such to ensure that you are connected with at least 4 at any given time. Ensuring consistent connectivity and using parallel multi-channel designs modern day GPS systems are incredibly accurate. Able to provide accurate location tracking even in difficult terrain. This is what makes GPS so effective in vehicle security. It is possible to track a stolen vehicle globally with real-time location information. Our trackers are also equipped with GSM technology. This utilises mobile networks to triangulate the signal of the device. Allowing for a second layer of location information.


The time in which it takes a potential thief to enter and steal a vehicle is known as a “Attack Time” in some standard vehicles that are not equipped with any form of theft-prevention technology, this can be as short as 180 seconds. A GPS Tracking system offers protection both in extending this “attack time” – through effective alarm systems and more importantly in after theft protection. This allows the vehicle it be located and immobilised after the actual event of theft. Allowing for far higher vehicle recovery rates and significantly lower insurance premiums.

How accurate is ScorpionTrack?

ScorpionTrack provide speed, direction, ignition state, battery condition and location details down to 500 yard accuracy to the police control room in the event of a theft. We use the latest in UK designed and manufactured electronics along with proven GPS and GSM technologies for the best level of accuracy.
All of this along with Thatcham approval to the highest standard ensures the best accuracy currently available through such technology.