GPS Tracking

Nationwide Home Installation and Fitting as Standard

As part of our mission to provide only the most superior experience to our customers, we have partnered with hundreds of certified installation specialists across the country. Regardless of your location one of our Thatcham Approved installation specialists will be able to fit and install your security system from the comfort of your own home. We understand that it can be tedious rescheduling your work day so you can head into a garage and have your tracker installed. We understand that often you work too much to have your tracker fitted when you wanted and we understand that when it comes to security, urgency is key. Working in partnership with our specialist network of installation specialists we are proud to offer home installation and fitting as standard. Most people who are purchasing a security system do not want to wait. They understand that our systems are an essential part of vehicle security and waiting for an appointment or for your schedule to clear up can mean the difference between preventing theft and being a victim of it. Waste no time and have one of our systems fitted when and where it suits you. All of our fitters are specially trained to fit your system to Thatcham Installation requirements meaning you can rest assured that your system is working as intended. With up to 100% UK installation coverage we are determined to offer you the best possible customer service. We do not compromise on security and ensure that every fitter we use is qualified and experienced. We ensure that we only use fitters that are experienced in GPS Tracking installation.

Our partnership.

We have recently partnered with RS Connect. Allowing us to provide insurance approved system installation nationwide. Using this in conjunction with our already well established network of fitters and dealerships we are able to confidently service the entire UK. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and unbeaten satisfaction and will seek to meet the specific need of each individual customer.  Immediately after purchase we contact an installation specialist specially trained in GPS Tracking fitting that is located in a area close to you. Here we organise a time with the fitter at a time and a place that suits the you. Our GPS Tracking systems provide excellent vehicle protection and our network of installation specialists ensure that this protection is fitted correctly – for total peace of mind

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