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Protect your vehicle and receive comprehensive security coverage for as little as £399.99 £359.97 inc. In 2016 over 350,000 vehicle-related crimes were reported in the UK alone. Our trackers are equipped with innovative theft-prevention technology and a 24/7 dedicated staff – specifically trained to monitor your vehicle for any suspicious activity. Purchase from TrackingUK and one of our installation specialists can fit your device from the comfort of your own home. Thatcham Approved and Insurer recognized, prevent claims and reduce insurance premiums with our ScorpionTrack CAT 6 Security system.


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Prevent theft and lower insurance with ScorpionTrack Cat 6

Recipient of the ICE Security product of the year the award-winning ScorpionTrack Cat 6 system has been specifically designed to provide comprehensive theft-prevention and industry leading vehicle recovery with sophisticated GPS & GSM technology the Cat 6 system can precisely determine the vehicles current location, speed, ignition and battery status. Greatly increasing vehicle security whilst drastically reducing the cost of insurance premiums

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    24/7 Vehicle Monitoring

    Specially trained ScorpionTrack operatives monitor your vehicle for suspicious movement or activity

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    KeyGuard System

    90% of all vehicles are stolen using the keys. Protect against key theft and cloning.

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    Tamper Detection

    Comprehensive tamper detection, protects against both tracker and battery disconnection

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    Waterproof & Durable Tracker Case

    With premium build quality and excellent attention to detail our trackers are water and dust resistant

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    Insurance recognised

    Thatcham approved – Meets TQA requirement and qualifies for reduced insurance premium

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    Free Smartphone Application

    Monitor and receive updates on the current status of your vehicle with our smartphone application

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    3 Year Extended Warranty

    We are so confident in the quality of our trackers we offer 3 year warranty as standard

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    European Coverage as Standard

    Our trackers have total GPS & GSM Coverage to 100% of mainland Europe

What are customers saying?


    “ I totally rely on my bike to get me to and from work six days a week. After seven months hassle free parking I got lazy and didn’t put the lock on but knew I had tracking device fitted. One day, I got the text saying my bike was moving – I had my phone on silent so was a few minutes late getting outside by which time I saw them riding off down the road on my bike. I called the police, then logged into my tracking account on my phone and phoned the emergency theft line. Within five minutes the details of the exact whereabouts of my bike was not only staggering but a gigantic relief that my pride and joy was traceable. Within one hour I had my bike back in my hands. Incredible! Something you invest money in actually works. It is worth every penny, your belongings really belong to you and no-one else with a tracking device fitted.
    Could not recommend it more. ”

    Tom Chambers – (Actor)


    “My two ATV’s were stolen in the early hours last week. The first I knew of anything being wrong was your phone call. Once I’d passed the crime reference number to you it really was no time at all before I received the good news that both vehicles had been found – in a remote forest! Soon after that they were both recovered back to me. I have been absolutely delighted with the speed and service of both your product and team. I simply cannot thank you enough.”

    Mr. Walker – Scotland


    “ I was very pleased with everything. My stolen car was recovered within 30 minutes of reporting the theft to ScorpionTrack. We will never have another company car without a ScorpionTrack device installed. It’s the best way to protect your property. ”

    Mr M Law – Halesowen


Why should I use TrackingUK?

Established in 2015 TrackingUK is a Sussex based ScorpionTrack approved security system retailer. Specialising in GPS & GSM vehicle and fleet tracking solutions. We have specialist industry expertise and our expert team is dedicated to providing the highest level customer service possible. We are driven by customer satisfaction and as such we ensure that every tracker comes with the option of home fitting and installation as standard. At TrackingUK vehicle security matters. as such we only stock the most comprehensive security systems capable of offering the highest level of theft-prevention.

Can this reduce the cost of my insurance?

Our award winning ScorpionTrack CAT 6 Security system is Thatcham Approved and insurance recognised meaning it can effectively reduce your insurance premiums by as much as 15%. Our nationwide network of insurer certified installation specialists are able to professionally fit your system in accordance with industry recognised standards. Those with a CAT 6 Security system are 90% less likely to be a victim of theft and as such are far less likely to make a related claim. Increasing insurer confidence and reducing costly premiums.

Is it Accurate? 

Our CAT 6 Security systems utilise GPS and GSM triangulation technology in conjunction to precisely calculate the current location of your vehicle accurate to up to 4 metres. With up to 100% EU coverage we are able to use this technology to monitor a vehicles location, direction, ignition state, battery condition and speed and instantaneously relay this information to the relevant authorities in the event of a theft. GPS & GSM technology is an extremely effective tool in theft prevention and vehicle recovery.

What is Thatcham?

Experts in safety, security and crash repair. Thatcham Research is the UK’s leading authority on insurance research and security system testing. Thatcham, on behalf of the Associated of British Insurers is responsible for the information used to determine Euro NCAP security ratings as well as separation of vehicle into distinct insurance categories. Thatcham is at the forefront of security testing and is determined to mitigate the genuine risk of growing insurance cost, as well as upholding product standards in the market,

What is CAT 6?

Thatcham CAT 6 is an incredibly effective, mid-tier, security solution. Capable of providing supreme theft-prevention and total vehicle surveillance. CAT 6 systems are able to provide incredible vehicle security as well as being eligible for reduced insurance premium cost. Prevent theft and save money with a CAT 6 security system. Offering features such as: GPS, GSM & VHF Technology, Insurance approval, Movement detection, Tamper prevention, KeyGuard protection, 24/7 Specialist monitoring and a free smartphone application

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