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We care about security at Tracking UK. We care so much that we have tailored our product range so that it only contains the most premium in anti-theft solutions. This was an intentional move, after seeing our competitors expand their product ranges we began to question if they were ensuring that they were providing premium quality products.

After thorough testing and with a great deal of experience in the field, we decided that ScorpionTrack offered the most complete in vehicle protection. because it has a plethora of features designed to render theft virtually impossible. Innovative Key Cards combined with instant GPS and GSM triangulation allows ScorpionTrack to boast incredible rates of returned stolen vehicles. They are as dedicated to security as we are because they know how important your vehicle is to you.

Every feature found on one of our trackers have been rigorously tested and specifically designed to reinforce our already bold claim. ScorpionTrack offers the most complete car tracker in the UK, period.

The testimonials speak for themselves, thousands of vehicles have been returned to their rightful owner. Thousands of customers have had the dread of a stolen car evaporated immediately. You can rely on ScorpionTrack to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Fretting about your vehicle? You no longer need to. Therefore every possible outcome has been carefully considered and accounted for and the results are breathtaking. ScorpionTrack trackers manage to stay ahead of the criminals in every way. Providing an articulate answer to every question a criminal can ask.

If you want to feel safe in the knowledge that you are secure. If you want to go to sleep at night without the fear of theft. ScoprionTrack Trackers are for you.

Take a look at this review by an independent automotive security researcher. We at Tracking UK ensure our customers are satisfied.

Why Tracking UK?

The most important thing is that we will ensure that your experience with us is as fluid and pleasant as is possible. As soon as an order is made you will be contacted and a fitting will be arranged. You also never need to leave your house, our fitters are able to travel to your address and install your new tracker in minutes. Ours is the best tracker UK because we care about you.

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