UK v US – Why does the UK have more vehicle related crime?

In comparison with our American neighbors, the UK does quite well on crime. Our distinct lack of firearms and more liberal approach to policing has cultivated a markedly less criminal environment. – It is worth noting at this point that I say this as an immediate reflection on Government statistics. For a more contextual understanding of these numbers, I am going to discuss statistics involving vehicle crime in regard to the relative size of each country. – Still, crime levels in the US are broadly 16% higher than in the UK. With particular crimes in the US – such as violent crimes – estimated at up to 18 times more likely.

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So, with these statistics in mind let’s now look at vehicular crime. It should follow that the US will have considerably higher – or rather statistically a larger probability – of vehicle crime. However, even a brief inspection of the statistics reveals startling deviations from this hypothesis. Proportionately vehicle crime is far more likely to occur in the United Kingdom than it is in the United States. With 1 in 258 people in the US being a victim of this kind of crime and 1 in 164 in the UK. This becomes particularly alarming when you consider the fact that the US has a far higher density of drivers -90% of the eligible population regularly operates a vehicle- and over 290,700,000 (Sci America) vehicles on its roads compared to the UK’s 80% and 45,000,000,000 (DLVA Report). 

With a higher a percent density of vehicles in a significantly larger population, it is almost unsettling to see that the UK has a higher rate of vehicle theft. Now that we have established that the US’s does not have a proportionately higher amount of vehicle crime, we must begin to access the reason why.

The UK’s vehicle security statistics stand out as a worrisome anomaly. Nationmaster ranked as 5th globally in theft per capita at 5.87. The primary premise I will be examining involves a disregard for proper vehicle security. Whilst it is unquestionable that there exist compelling socio-geographic reasonings, it would be impossible to comprehensively analyze these in an objective and statistical way.

The Automotive industry was born in America, with this came a nationwide infatuation with anything on wheels. It is this fanaticism which has bred a property protective culture – in regards to vehicle protection that is. The US has been extremely quick to adopt more specialized security equipment. It is from this eagerness that we have been an influx of GPS Tracking installations. This is significant as not only does it ensure that anyone who was to actually attempt to steal a vehicle is more likely to be unsuccessful. It has also created an environment akin to that which exists in the UK regarding burglary crimes. In the UK the ready adoption of innovative home security systems dissuaded potential criminals from making an attempt they previously would have. We recently discussed this phenomenon in another comparative article on car tracking, which you can check out to find even more information.

The current standardization of  GPS tracking units in American cars is having a statistical impact of the number of vehicle-related crimes. Due to the implementation of these trackers, there has developed a general sense of acknowledgment from potential criminals meaning they are less likely to engage in what is a potentially more hazardous activity.

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